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Aftercare Essentials for Eyebrow Hair Stroke Treatment

October 1, 2016

Eyebrow hair stroke is a very popular technique used to create perfectly preened brows. This semi permanent makeup technique mimics your eyebrow hair thus creating a feathering effect.

During the hairstroke process, the pigments are made to penetrate the skin using a 0.5mm needle which then settle down in the epidermis and as a result offers long lasting results.

While the process itself is not very painful, it does lead to some minor swelling and redness - for which it is important to follow some aftercare essentials to maintain results and reduce the inflammation.

Following these vital aftercare instructions will help you achieve the best possible results from a semi permanent makeup procedure and help limit chances of skin infections and guaranteeing a smooth, quick healing process.

To Treat Swelling & Redness

  • Apply cold compress or an ice bag on your brows after the procedure. This helps to reduce swelling and relieve any sensation of pain. Avoid direct application of ice as it can potentially damage the eyebrow design.
  • To keep the treated area cool, use refrigerated tea bags, gel compresses and hand towels only.
  • Apply the aftercare cream provided or recommended by your aesthetician, it aids in reducing redness.

Improving The Results

  • Keep the treated area moist thus allowing it to heal evenly and hold color.
  • Apply sunscreen with SPF 15 after complete healing, regularly. This prevents the hair stroke eyebrow from fading.

Aftercare Don’ts

  • Don’t touch the treated brows with your fingers as it can cause infection.
  • Don’t apply makeup to the area after treatment in order to prevent bacterial infection and color fading.
  • Don’t pick, exfoliate or scrub the treated area for an extended period of time after the procedure.
  • Don’t go swimming as water can bleach the hair stroke eyebrow effect.

Your hair stroke eyebrows will last longer and look appealing only when you follow the aforementioned aftercare instructions.

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