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Everything You Need To Know About Great Lengths Hair Extensions

July 18, 2016

Great Lengths is an unmatched hair extension system that has completely transformed hair styling and design.

Whether you desire length, volume, color enhancement or want to simply update your current style, the Great Lengths hair extensions can meet all your hair styling needs. You can choose from its range of over 55 hair colors, all of which can be perfectly blended to create your desired look.

This hair extension type blends so wonderfully with your natural hair that no one will notice the revealing signs which tend to be common with other hair extension systems. Great Lengths hair extensions give this natural look because it uses 100% natural human hair – and at Ghada Sharfi we use Indian origin hair, which is the best quality in the world.

How Are Great Lengths Extensions Done?

Most of the hair extension systems use techniques like welding, waxing, or gluing, which damage the hair and are very often harmful. Great Lengths is based on a much more moderate principle - modulating. This hair extension system uses keratin bonds to apply the hair – keratin is the substance that is found naturally in your hair. It is applied to the hair using hot and cold heat.

The hot heat touches the bond only, and the cold heat touches your hair which causes no damage to your hair strands. The bonds are very tiny and get blended with your hair perfectly thus making the extensions less revealing. Also, as the bonds are small, they don’t feel heavy on your head like other hair extensions.

How Long Do Great Lengths Extensions Last?

Great Lengths last longer than most hair extensions and don’t damage your hair. When applied properly and taken care of, Great lengths last for 6 months.

They don’t require any heavy duty maintenance - usual maintenance includes daily brushing with a recommended Great Lengths special hair extension brush. This brush helps detangling hair without damaging the joint between natural hair and extensions.

Another important thing is using the recommended Great Lengths shampoo and conditioner. The specially formulated Great lengths shampoo prevents the bonds from breaking and prolongs the life of your extensions.

Following this regime will ensure that your hair extensions last longer and look great.

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