Great Lengths

Our Great Lengths extension is the perfect way to transform your look and is suitable for all hair types. At Ghada Sharfi, we recommend undergoing a thorough hair treatment, colour change and texture preparation prior to great lengths extension for a successful look.

During the process, we don’t use any glue as it can damage your hair. We don’t use wax since its likely to make your hair stick on when there is a change in temperature.

We use a trusted solution that causes no harm to your hair and the hair used for extension is of Indian origins, often considered the best quality in the world. The hair is strong, shiny and can be styled in any manner thus matching all nationalities.

We do colouring, botox treatment and trimming to prepare client hair for great length extension. We’ve been doing this since 2005 and hold expertise in doing great length extension for African hair. Our team of experts constantly follows up with clients post extension till they return back for removal after 5-6 months.

You can pick from our range of great lengths extension depending upon your needs.

Regular Wavy Hair Extensions

12/13” (32.5 cm)
Price – 2800 AED
16/17” (42.5 cm)
Price – 3000 AED
18 “ (45 cm)
Price – 3200 AED
20/21” (52.5cm)
Price – 3400 AED
24/25” ( 62.5 cm )
Price – 4400 AED

Kashmir Straight Hair

16 “(40 cm)
Price – 3400 AED
18 “(45 cm)
Price – 3700 AED
20 “(50 cm)
Price – 3900 AED
24 “(60 cm)
Price – 4900 AED

Flow or Ombre Colors in 19″

Price – 3800 AED

Fashion Strands in 16″

Crazy . Pastel . Jewe
Price – 34 AED / strand
Crystal . Swarovski
Price – 125 AED / strand

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