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Say Goodbye To Body Odor Naturally With This Ancient Beauty Ritual

August 12, 2016

Occasional, mild body odor is normal, but extreme or unlikable body odor can be a source of great distress for others, and very embarrassing for you. Over-the-counter medicines and body sprays can shield the odor - but only for a short duration.

This is because they fail to treat the primary cause - bacteria. Your body smells strong and unpleasant when the sweat mixes with bacteria.

Thankfully, you can treat body odor naturally with our Body Perfuming Treatment - one of the most popular Sudanese ancient beauty rituals. The treatment is designed to cleanse and detoxify your body in order to prevent the growth of bacteria.

What is a Body Perfuming Treatment?

Body Perfuming treatment, also known as Dukhan, is an ancient Sudanese beauty secret, used for irresistibly perfumed and beautifully tanned skin.

Traditionally, the treatment was performed over clay pot, dug underground or placed above the ground. The pot consisted of burning coal, topped with the perfumed acacia wood and sandalwood. The Dukhan smoke cleanses your body, wards off bacteria and changes the smell of your sweat.

Now this treatment has evolved for better and been refined for a much safer and more practical use for the everyday woman using the same 100% natural ingredients.

You can choose from our Midnight Pleasure Glow or Arabian Nights Glow treatments and create your signature body fragrance.

The Midnight Pleasure Glow gives you pure Sudanese fragrance while the Arabian Nights Glow is enriched with the much like Arabian oud scent.

At Ghada Sharfi, we give the treatments a personalized touch with our own mix of prunus seeds and Sudanese smoke for more effective and lasting results.

We give the treatment a finishing touch with our Ghada Sharfi special moisturizing mix which you can use permanently at home for complete body care.

Eliminate body odor for good with body perfuming treatments - book your appointment with one of our skincare experts by calling on +971 4 358 6789.


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