Lets Go Cluster Lashes

Give your eyelashes a stunning and striking makeover with Let’s Go Cluster Lashes. The process takes just 10 minutes, exactly half the time of Let’s Go Express Lashes and last for a week. So if you’re looking for a quicker eyelash enhancement for a special

Lets Go Express Lashes (Extra)

The Let’s Go Express Lashes (Extra) give you a natural yet glamorous look in just 20 minutes. This revolutionary lash extension treatment eliminates the need for mascara, alleviates the eye area from day to day wear and tear of products and makes the tired eyes

Lets Go Express Lashes (Removal)

If you are willing to try a new look with Let’s Go Express Lashes and want to remove the old one, our team of professional experts can help you with Let’s Go Express Lashes Removal. Under professional guidance the lashes are removed safely. Book an

Lets Go Express Lashes (Bottom)

Let’s Go Express Lashes (Bottom) offers you spectacular lashes and instant glamour in merely 20 minutes. By the end of the treatment process, your eyes will be transformed with thick luscious lashes that would give you a sensational look. At Ghada Sharfi, we only use

Lets Go Express Lashes (Top)

Our Lets Go Express Lashes (Top) is your answer to fuller and sexier lashes on the go. It’s one quicker and safe way of transforming your lashes. The Let’s Go Express lash treatment takes 20 minutes and the lashes are individually applied, ensuring a full

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